Continuing Education

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AgendaSaturday, February 23rd, 2019     

7:45-8:00am     Welcome / Registration

8:00-8:30am     Depression Post-Acute Coronary Syndrome

                        Spencer Kurtz, Pharm.D.

8:30-9:00am     Effectiveness of Vitamin K for Correcting Coagulopathy Secondary to Liver Disease: Is it Time to do Away with Vitamin K?

                         Alyssa Larson, Pharm.D.                                              

9:00-9:30am     Anticoagulation in Patients with Cirrhosis: Balancing the Risks of Bleeding and Thrombosis

                        Billy Anderson, Pharm.D.

9:30-9:45am     Break

9:45-10:15am    Use of Biktarvy® for the Treatment of HIV-1

                        Avery Aldridge, Pharm.D. 

10:15-10:45am  Updates in Migraine Prophylaxis

                        Allison Young, Pharm.D.

10:45-11:00am  Wrap-up / evaluations / CE Credit reconciliation