PAI Spotlight

Steffanie Danley, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at the Sioux Falls VA, has recently taken on a new role as Academic Detailing Pharmacist. As an example of novel pharmacy practice, we wanted to share her description of what her practice entails:

“Given the current state of competing priorities and increasing demands on clinicians, academic detailing (AD) reduces this burden by providing easy access to evidence-based information. This information includes clinician references, patient education resources, and patient level dashboards. The dashboards allow the clinician to identify specific patients on their panel that may benefit from an assessment. 

AD employs one-on-one, individualized, clinician support outreach. This interactive communication ensures the information presented is specific to the clinician’s practice and individual needs. Within the VA, academic detailers are most often clinical pharmacy specialists. However, VA psychologists are currently piloting their role in AD with evidence based psychotherapy. As of today, all VISNs have fully implemented AD services.

AD is effective in supporting clinicians and improves care for Veterans:

  • VA clinicians working with academic detailers had a 5.5 times higher rate of prescribing naloxone compared to peers without an AD outreach.
  • Providers who had AD outreach demonstrated a greater reduction in monthly prevalence of benzodiazepines among patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder compared to peers without an AD outreach.

AD originated in the 1980s, gaining attention in the VA in 2015 to support mental health and opioid safety initiatives. AD initiatives now include deprescribing and primary care chronic diseases such as heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and diabetes.”

Thank you to Steffanie for summarizing your practice as an Academic Detailing Pharmacist, and we are glad to share your innovative work with our membership.